About us

Justice Frangipane {marketing}

I am really excited to be working with Marius and on KeyPress OSD. It’s one of the coolest programs I’ve seen and one of the only ones that I keep running constantly on my computer. I love all the clicks and beeps it makes and how easy it is to type in small type fields without annoyance. Due to a recently broken neck this is a huge blessing, as my neck mobility restrains me from easily looking at the bottom of the screen. What a difference this makes.

Justice Frangipane

Marius Șucan {developer}

I am the programmer of KeyPres OSD. I live in Romania. I am a digital artist. I developed it for people like me, with poor eye sight or low vision. It is meant to aid desktop computer usage. It is especially useful while chatting or for occasional typing. The user no longer has to squint at the screen or zoom in the entire screen to see what s/he wrote in every text field.

Marius Șucan