KeyPress OSD for Screencasting

A truely unique On-Screen Display!

Feature Highlights - Spring 2019 Edition

For Hearing and Visually Impaired


If you have trouble seeing what is on the screen when you are typing, you can use KeyPress OSD to easily see what you are typing without any trouble. We also give the option to use audio cues to help validate each keystroke. It makes typing strangely enjoyable.

For Screencasts


If you are recording and sharing your screen you will appreciate the use of KeyPress OSD. Your viewers will be able to see exactly what keyboard shortcuts you are using without you needing to spend time talking about them... yin our preffered language!

Highly Customizable


KeyPress OSD has many unique features. If there is a setting you want to change, it is likely you can tweak it to suit your needs! We want you to be happy with the style and function of our application.

Text Expansion

Auto replace text to quickly add frequently used phrases or acronyms. (BYOB - Bring your own beer. ASAP - As soon as possible, eml - . The text snippets can be dynamic, by making use of advanced features.

Mouse Keys

Navigate with your mouse cursor using the Numpad keys. Far exceeds the functions of the traditional Windows OS mouse keys. Highly customizable and easier to use. 

Multi-Clipboard Manager

Automatically store a history of texts copied to the clipboard, with Rich-Format support. You can easily pin or remove stored clipboards.

── Download KeyPress OSD - Spring 2019 Edition ──

Runs on Windows 10 and 7, for x64 and x32.

Current version: v4.64.0 [2019 / 05 / 17].

Recent changes: It features a reinvented Alternate typing mode, bringing support for layouts using IMEs (Chinese, or Japanese) and Arabic. Many new features for quick auto-replace - the snippets can now be dynamic. Increased performances, improved OSD drawing and added full-support to Devanagari, Bengali and other abugida scripts. For more details see the version history.


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Customers get free upgrades and  free technical support.

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Video Presentation

This is a quick presentation of the main features you can find in KeyPress OSD, but you can discover many other features!


Justice Frangipane

"KeyPress does a great job of providing me with all the visual bells and whistles I could want for when I type on my computer. It does text expansion which works great and also it doesn't lag when I'm typing, so if my computer is slow, I can just type and it will catch up, but I don't have to wait for it!"

Dietrich R.


Thanks, really really nice. It's very helpful.



"I have tried several similar programs, because sometimes I record tutorial videos and I need to display key strokes. Today I discovered this one. This is by far the most beautiful one! I really like the visual style and sound. Thank you for your hard work"

Features in v4.64

  • Support for at least 200 keyboard layouts. It recognizes key names with Shift, AltGr, and dead keys for each of these layouts.
  • Full-support for Cyrillic, Greek and Latin [extended] alphabets and almost any language based on abugida scripts: Bengali, Devanagari, Telugu, Tamil, and so on...
  • In alternate typing mode, full support for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages and keyboard layouts. 
  • Automatic detection of keyboard layouts.
  • Display a list of previously pressed keys, useful for video tutorials.
  • Detection of complex keyboard combinations, e.g., Shift + E + Space + Right Click. [only when typing mode is disabled]
  • Count key presses or key fires and mouse clicks.
  • Indicators for Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock states.
  • Typing mode. It shows what you are typing in an expanding text area. Great for screencasting!
  • Virtual caret/cursor navigation: 
    • Navigate through typed text in the OSD in synch with the text field of the host application.
    • Basic support for copy, paste, cut and undo with Ctrl + A / Z / X / C / V.
    • Support for text selections with customisable style.
    • Automatic text expansion, e.g, 'btw' expands to 'by the way', or 'bbl' to 'be back later'. The text snippets can be dynamic with advanced features, e.g., pass arguments, references, variables and so on.
    • Multi-Clipboard support. You can easily retrieve previous clipboard contents and text typed in the OSD. The texts stored in the clipboards retain their formatting.
    • Shortcuts to copy the text from the active text field into the OSD, or paste the OSD content to it.
  • Multiline preview for long text lines.
  • Typed text history. On pressing Enter or Escape, it records written lines. You can get back to them by invoking the multiline preview with {Pause} key.
  • Automatic resizing of OSD/HUD with customizable size, position, alignment and colors.
  • The OSD (on screen display) can hide or switch position automatically when the mouse runs over it.
  • Customizable visual mouse clicks and mouse halo to indicate its location, and flash mouse cursor after idling.
  • Mouse pointer focus. Darken the entire screen, except for where the mouse cursor is.
  • Mouse keys. Move the mouse cursor with the numpad keys.
    • Ability to lock Left, Right and Middle clicks to facilitate drag-n-drop operations, using ScrollLock or numpad Enter.
    • Option to wrap / warp mouse movements at screen edges.
    • Ability to move in 16 different directions by combining two directions simultaneously.
    • Ease to alternate between cursor speeds using Capslock.
  • Distinct beepers for different types of keys and buttons or when typing with Capslock.
  • Customizable toolbar for enhanced touch screens support.
  • Full multi-monitor support.
  • Portable. No need to install/uninstall. Settings stored in an easy to read INI file.
  • Easy to configure with many options in Settings windows to toggle features and customize behavior and look.
  • Option to update to the latest version.


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About Us


Justice Frangipane {marketing}

I am really excited to be working with Marius and on KeyPress OSD. It's one of the coolest programs I've seen and one of the only ones that I keep running constantly on my computer. I love all the clicks and beeps it makes and how easy it is to type in small type fields without annoyance. Due to a recently broken neck this is a huge blessing, as my neck mobility restrains me from easily looking at the bottom of the screen. What a difference this makes. 


Marius Șucan {developer}

I am the programmer of KeyPres OSD. I live in Romania. I am a digital artist. I developed it for people like me, with poor eye sight or low vision. It is meant to aid desktop computer usage. It is especially useful while chatting or for occasional typing. The user no longer has to squint at the screen or zoom in the entire screen to see what s/he wrote in every text field.

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