Screencasts or video presentations

KeyPress OSD (KPO) is an application designed for screencasting and tutorials that displays keyboard keys and mouse clicks on-screen. With KPO you can easily show your viewers what keys and mouse clicks you are using, making it perfect for tutorials and demonstrations. Unlike other similar applications, it offers unique features no other application has. KeyPress OSD does not require any installation, making it easy to use on any computer. Simply download the application, run it, and start screencasting.

The newest version is FULLY compatible with OBS, Xsplit, Skype, Zoom or other similar applications.

Additionally, KPO has support for multi-monitor setups, allowing
you to display the keys and clicks on any monitor. Whether you’re
creating a tutorial for software, games, or anything in between, KeyPress OSD is the perfect tool to help you communicate your actions
to your viewers.

KeyPress OSD includes quick start presets. These make it easy to
get started with the application right away. The presets offered are
pre-configured settings and allow you to quickly choose between the main use cases: for screencasts, video tutorials, or as a typing aid tool.

Typing aid for people with disabilities

What makes unique KeyPress OSD is that it can be used as a typing aid for people with disabilities, with features specifically design with this in mind: typing mode, text auto-replace, mouse keys and audio cues. If you have trouble seeing what is on the screen as you type, you can use KeyPress OSD to easily see what you are typing without any trouble. We also give the option to use audio cues to help users validate each keystroke press.

If you have mobility issues, you can use text-auto replace: type a shorthand and have it automatically expand to a longer text. Or, you can use the Mouse Keys feature integrated into KeyPress OSD. These are much easier to use than the Microsoft Windows integrated mouse keys.

Features highlights

Customizable key names

Users can define new names for individual keys or keyboard combinations,. For example, Ctrl+Z can be displayed as Undo. The new names can be Unicode symbols. In addition to this, users can create a list of keys or keyboard combinations that the OSD should never display.

Keys history

if you’re worried about allowing your viewers to keep track of all the keys you’re pressing during your screencast, KeyPress OSD has you covered with its keyboard key presses history feature. This feature constantly displays a list of the most recent key presses during the screencast, presentation or video tutorial. This way you can ensure that the viewers haven’t missed any important shortcuts in fast-paced key-combos.

Multi-clipboard manager

Automatically store a history of texts copied to the clipboard, with Rich-Format support. You can easily pin or remove stored clipboards.

Text expansion / auto-replace

Auto replace text to quickly add frequently used phrases or acronyms. (BYOB – Bring your own beer. ASAP – As soon as possible, eml – . The text snippets can be dynamic, by making use of advanced features: variables and references.

Mouse halo and mouse spotlight

If you ever wanted to highlight the mouse cursor with a halo or a spotlight, KeyPress OSD can do it for you.

Audio cues on button presses

For an extra touch of interactivity, KeyPress OSD can even
generate audio cues on key presses. This means that your viewers will not
only see which keys you’re pressing, but they’ll also hear the sound of
the keys being pressed. This feature is especially useful for tutorials
that involve typing, programming, or any other activity where audio
feedback can enhance the viewer’s experience. The sounds were carefully crafted to make it enjoyable. The sounds generated can be distinguished by key groups.

Mouse keys

Navigate with your mouse cursor using the Numpad keys. It far exceeds the functions of the traditional Windows OS mouse keys. Highly customizable and much easier to use.

Attach to window

The OSD can be configured to attach automatically to the currently active window. Users can also set the alignment of the OSD relative to the window: at the top or bottom, and on the left or right.

Highly customizable

KeyPress OSD has many unique features. If there is a setting you want to change, it is likely you can tweak it to suit your needs! We want you to be happy with the style and function of our application. To this end, we made sure we give you a well organized interface.

Current release details

Runs on Windows 11, 10 and 7, for x64 and x32.

Current version: v4.70.0 [2024 / 02 / 24].

Recent changes: Customizable key names. Dark mode UI and a reinvented Alternate typing mode, bringing support for layouts using IMEs (Chinese, or Japanese) and Arabic. Many new features for text auto-replace – the snippets can now be dynamic. Increased performance, improved OSD drawing and added full-support to Devanagari, Bengali and other abugida scripts.

For more details see the version history.

Are you unsure about buying KeyPress OSD? You can try it before! Please download the trial version. It has no limitations for the first 5 days.

(*) Older version, rarely updated and more expensive. Restrictions may apply to the licence, based on the Microsoft Windows installation or Store policy. For no restriction, life-time licence, buy it from this web site.

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Customers get free upgrades and free technical support.

After purchase, you will receive an e-mail with the registration details within 12-24 hours.

If you cannot use Gumroad to purchase KeyPress OSD, you can use PayPal. Please provide in the “Transfer Notes” your e-mail address to receive the registration code.

If you buy KeyPress OSD through Gumroad or PayPal, the licence is valid for any operating system and future KeyPress OSD versions, and it is much cheaper than version available on the Microsoft Windows Store.

Do you get a virus warning?

Given this application is listening to every keyboard and mouse action, to display them on-screen for its users, it is understandable some anti-virus software may throw alerts saying this application is malware or that it contains a virus. This is a false-positive alert.
Please try the alternate download package. The application is packaged in a different way and might not trigger alerts.
KeyPress OSD is also listed on the official Microsoft Windows Store. This should represent an additional reassurance of KeyPress OSD being virus free.
To avoid any kind of warnings, download KeyPress OSD from Microsoft Windows Store. Please keep in mind, you are going to download an older version.

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