For Screencasts

If you are recording and sharing your screen you will appreciate the use of KeyPress OSD. Your viewers will be able to see exactly what keyboard shortcuts you are using without you needing to spend time talking about them… in your preferred language!

For Hearing and Visually Impaired

If you have trouble seeing what is on the screen when you are typing, you can use KeyPress OSD to easily see what you are typing without any trouble. We also give the option to use audio cues to help validate each keystroke. It makes typing strangely enjoyable.

Highly Customizable

KeyPress OSD has many unique features. If there is a setting you want to change, it is likely you can tweak it to suit your needs! We want you to be happy with the style and function of our application. To this end, we made sure we give you a well organized interface.

Features highlights

Multi-Clipboard Manager

Automatically store a history of texts copied to the clipboard, with Rich-Format support. You can easily pin or remove stored clipboards.

Text Expansion / Auto-replace

Auto replace text to quickly add frequently used phrases or acronyms. (BYOB – Bring your own beer. ASAP – As soon as possible, eml – . The text snippets can be dynamic, by making use of advanced features: variables and references.

Mouse halo and spotlight

If you ever wanted to highlight the mouse cursor with a halo or a spotlight, KeyPress OSD can do it for you.

Audio cues on button presses

KeyPress OSD can make different sounds for specific keyboard keys.

Mouse Keys

Navigate with your mouse cursor using the Numpad keys. It far exceeds the functions of the traditional Windows OS mouse keys. Highly customizable and easier to use. 

Download KeyPress OSD

Runs on Windows 10 and 7, for x64 and x32.

Current version: v4.64.1 [2019 / 06 / 05].

Recent changes: It features a reinvented Alternate typing mode, bringing support for layouts using IMEs (Chinese, or Japanese) and Arabic. Many new features for quick auto-replace – the snippets can now be dynamic. Increased performance, improved OSD drawing and added full-support to Devanagari, Bengali and other abugida scripts. For more details see the version history.

Are you unsure about buying KeyPress OSD? You can try it before! Please download the trial version. It has no limitations for the first 10 days.

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